LISTEN: Meet Your Farmers

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We had a great conversation this month about the challenges and opportunities that local farmers are facing right now. Sarah Gustavus was joined on stage by Tomas Apodaca from East Mountain Organic Farms, Sean Ludden from Rio Grande Communitiy Farm, Ric Murphy from Sol Harvest, Dory Wegryzn from Red Tractor Farm.

Listen to the full hour, including questions and comments from the audience:

THIS MONTH: Meet Your Farmers

Farmer With Child

Farming is an integral part of the history and culture of the Rio Grande Valley. The average age of farmers in New Mexico — like other states — is rising, presenting new challenges for agricultural industries. This month, Blue Corn Live brings together farmers and their customers to discuss the current climate for independent agricultural producers in New Mexico.

What’s are the unique opportunities to being a young farmer? How can the community supporting a younger generation of farmers?

How are New Mexico’s farmers overcoming agricultural challenges related to climate change?

Where are the best markets for selling products during the growing season?

How do New Mexico’s farmers meet community needs while maintaining the bottom line?

Blue Corn Live records live at THERAPY in downtown Albuquerque (119 Gold Ave SE) every 4th Sunday of the month. Join us this Sunday, April 24 at 11 a.m. As always, we welcome comments and questions from the audience.



Blue Corn Live is a small show with big aspirations: to bring New Mexico’s unique culinary history to the world. From farming to fine dining, the latest trends to the oldest traditions, Sarah Gustavus and Alex Curtas explore food in all its facets live with community members who care about food and the people behind it.