Weekly Reading List

By: Alex Curtas

Were you one of the 1,200+ people who turned out for Albuquerque’s second annual Dînner en Blanc at the National Hispanic Cultural Center this week? The event  — where participants dress head-to-toe in white, bring their own dinner/wine, and only learn of the event’s location minutes in advance — started in Paris 27 years ago and has grown into an international phenomenon. It’s glamorous, magical, and brings people from all different walks of life together around the dinner table. What’s not to love?

Chile controversy was in the news this week as it was reported that Whole Foods would be replacing Hatch, NM chiles with Pueblo, CO chiles in its stores. Don’t go capsaicin crazy just yet, though. That original story only had it partially right — Whole Foods is replacing Hatch chiles with Pueblo chiles in in 29 stores in Colorado, Utah, Idaho and Kansas but New Mexico will still provide the bulk of the chile harvest to Whole Foods (including in all their New Mexico stores).

Check out this amazing profile of Los Poblanos — an incredible place and the home of Blue Corn Live — in this month’s issue of Vogue magazine. The article delves into the Rio Grande Valley cuisine, the architecture, the farm-to-fork ethos, and the deeply-rooted cultural history that make Los Poblanos an Albuquerque (and New Mexico) gem.

Also, the Tomatina Festival took place this week in Buñol, Spain — the one where everyone throws tomatoes at each other. I’ve always wanted to go, but I’m not sure that red’s my color:

SOURCE: Oh-portunity.com (via Flickr Commons)

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