What We’re Reading

By: Sarah Gustavus

Fall really is coming. The season hasn’t really changed yet in Albuquerque, but people are already arguing online about whether pumpkin spice is the best or worst thing about modern American life. That’s when I know it’s fall.

Here in New Mexico, we all know that roasting and drying chiles is the sign that summer is coming to an end. Albuquerque Business First reported this week on something that I noticed on a trip back to Texas last month – local grocery stores in other states are hosting green chile celebrations and roasted green chile deals.

Photo Credit: Sarah Gustavus

The local peaches this summer have been spectacular. If you’re in the mood to try something new, check out these James Beard recipes.

Mark Bittman covered school lunches for the NY Times this week. Food and health correspondent Allison Aubrey wrote about the class divide in school lunches for NPR’s food blog, the Salt – Are More Affluent Kids Opting Out Of School Lunch? The LA Times reported this week on research that shows longer lunches are important for ensuring kids eat healthier food.

Did you read a great article or hear a memorable food story this week? Please share it in the comments!


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