Some goings-on

by: Alex Curtas

Kerry Simon passes
It was a sad week in the restaurant world as chef Kerry Simon lost his battle with Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) at the age of 60.

Simon was a huge influence on the U.S. culinary scene who opened a bevy of first-class restaurants all over the world for chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten before, more recently, opening a number of amazing spots in Las Vegas, NV (including Carson Kitchen in Downtown Las Vegas which you really must try the next time you’re there).KerrySimon

Dubbed the “Rock n’ Roll” chef by Rolling Stone magazine, Simon was an “Iron Chef” who also had restaurants in Harrah’s and Palm’s Place in Las Vegas. He was known as a “a brilliant culinary talent” and, as George Maloof put it, “a wonderful human being.”

Coop capital
La Montanita Coop’s “coop capital” program helps local agricultural producers get access to the capital they need to start or grow their businesses. NextCity takes a look at this great program that has already given out over $160,000 in loans (with a default rate of less than 1%).

Urban agriculture: ascendant or on the ropes?farmer-female-harvest-farm-mountains
Urban agriculture is growing all across the U.S., but some cities (like our own Santa Fe) are struggling to find a balance between regulations and the benefits of alternative agricultural models. This story from Seedstock delves into what happened in Santa Fe recently with the closing of Gaia Gardens and how other cities across the U.S. are trying to pass urban agricultural ordinances.

Culinary appropriation
What happens when a culture’s rich culinary traditions are appropriated into the chic stylings of modern (and trendy) restaurants? “This cultural appropriation stings because the same dishes hyped as ‘authentic’ on trendy menus were scorned when cooked in the homes of the immigrants who brought them here.” Ruth Tam explores the phenomenon in the Washington Post.

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