Join our conversation “Women & Restaurants”

Women in Restaurants


To honor Women’s History Month, Blue Corn Live invites inspiring local female food professionals to share their stories from the front lines of the restaurant industry. Women are leaders in kitchens and restaurants across the country, but many female restaurant workers have faced sexism and even sexual harassment on the job

Join our live discussion about the challenges women face in both the back and front of the house. We’ll also celebrate local leaders who are running successful restaurants and get their advice on how to succeed in the restaurant industry.

Blue Corn Live will be at THERAPY in downtown Albuquerque on Sunday, March 27 at 11 a.m. We welcome comments and questions from the audience.


Blue Corn Live is a small show with big aspirations: to bring New Mexico’s unique culinary history to the world. From farming to fine dining, the latest trends to the oldest traditions, Sarah Gustavus and Alex Curtas explore food in all its facets live wit h community members who care about food and the people behind it.

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