Blue Corn Live is a small show with big aspirations: to bring New Mexico’s unique culinary history to the world. From farming to fine dining, the latest trends to the oldest traditions, Sarah and Alex explore food in all its facets live with community members who care about food and the people behind it.



ALEX CURTAS was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV and came to New Mexico in 2005 by way of New York City, Washington, D.C., and Rome, Italy. He grew up in and around restaurants (his father is the food and restaurant writer, John Curtas) as Vegas transformed from the-town-that-food-forgot into one of the world’s best restaurant cities. Though his background is in academia and political communications, Alex just wants to be thinking about, cooking, and eating food. His parents taught him the importance of cooking and the power of food. His wife, Julia, taught him how to cook a proper egg.

SARAH GUSTAVUS grew up in central Texas on a cattle ranch, miles from a grocery store or restaurant. She ate pimento cheese sandwiches with her grandmother, biscuits and gravy and lots of hamburgers. But her mother also shopped monthly at the original Whole Foods and introduced her to tofu and homemade yogurt. Sarah has always been interested in food and cooking. In her teens, she was in charge of grocery shopping and cooking for her family. She planned to attend culinary school and has worked in restaurants and catering, but ended up in journalism because she wanted to tell the stories of immigrants who worked in kitchens. Sarah has nearly ten years of experience in public radio and television. She earned an M.A in Media and Communication from City University London and a B.S. in Communication Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. She’s an unapologetic coffee snob, adventurous eater and the only thing she hoards is food magazines.

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